the 15 most beautiful men's beachwear for the summer!

Costumes man 2021. 15 Calzedonia costumes to feel immediately on vacation

There is little time left for the summer holidays while we are already enjoying the first weekends out of town. They are needed costumes to the sea new and captivating to start with enthusiasm towards what will be the most desired holidays of the last few years, whether it is just for a few days or a few weeks it does not matter. To be on the safe side, model a boxer that's what everyone really looks good on. Here then is that we of Style we wanted to select for you i Calzendonia costumes coolest man of the moment to choose from..

ON: Swimsuit CALZEDONIA (€ 35.90) template Formentera in textured fabric with a three-dimensional effect, slightly crunchy hand. Soft, opaque inner lining in slip cut. Available in different patterns.


Wide hips? Value yourself in this way, without complexes or paranoia!

wide hips make the most of it without 4

THE wide hips they are a very common feature and complex, but unjustified! First of all they are the connotation par excellence of the Mediterranean woman, welcoming and maternal. Secondly, they are among the sexier curves of the planet! Men are lost in the well-proportioned harmony of the female body! For this the time has come enhance them, without hiding them.

Restore the right balance between the forms, it will make you feel sensual and coveted, observed and appreciated. In short, stop complaining or hiding, there are outfits that can transform your appearance into a seductive appearance. It will be enough to adopt these simple tips that we of Not Just Recycling we have found for you who have received this wonderful physical characteristic as a dowry.

Are you curious? Let's begin!

wide hips make the most of it without 3

Wide hips: how to dress to look gorgeous

Here you are in front of the mirror, ready to go out. Those wide hips haunt you since adolescence, when the first inlets on your body in transformation, hinted at a future abundance. Then you have always hidden, mortifying a femininity that has always attracted men of all ages. Loose clothes to conceal your forms, trousers that punish your appearance or worse, make it much more overflowing, not doing you justice at all.

Change course, immediately!

Begin to emphasize yours wonderful waistline! Say goodbye definitively to oversized garments, such as shirts or t-shirts, adopt V-necklines that re-proportion the volumes, shifting the attention to the upper part of your sinuous body.

Wear asymmetrical skirts, short in front, long in back, preferably with a split at the knee.

Prefer i trousers? Choose those paw or palace, straight leg, to lengthen the figure, thanks to a truly unique optical effect. Give up on tight cuts and leather, such as skinny jeans that do not support you in the quest to slim down.

You will be envied for your harmonious and sensual silhouette, so much so as to attract the glances of others pleased with your newfound splendor. Confidence in yourself will make you coveted!

wide hips make the most of this without 4

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ON: Korean shirt in linen and cotton (€ 29.90), Solid color medium length swim trunks (€ 39.90), all INTIMISSIMI MAN.


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