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Do you want to locate the’Hair style right for you? Then start by identifying your hair type. Oh yes, because even the hair is divided into clear categories, and specific products are reserved for each one to guarantee beauty, shine and perfect style.

Curious to find out which one do you recognize yourself in? Let's begin!

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1. Hair style for straight hair

1A. Thin

It is a difficult type to treat, especially if the scalp is fat. Sometimes it seems impossible to style them. Try not to use too nourishing conditioners, opt for detangling ones and use dry shampoo often to give volume (here our DIY recipe).

1B. Thick

Here we talk about easy hair, which perfectly hold any type of hairstyle, but if you want to amplify their shine, resort to texturizing sprays and you will see what a show.

1C. Wavy

Straight but not plumb, thin and slightly wavy, this hair runs only one risk, the frizz effect. Give a shot of cold air at the end of drying, and the danger will be averted!

2. Wavy hair

2A. Thin

Since they hold the styling very well, smooth them with the plate for a more refined effect.

2B. Thick

For a damp-proof, swollen and a bit too wild hair, go for the spray with sea water and you will be perfect.

2C. Very thick

Those who enjoy this type of hair love to wear it loose and voluminous because they are not afraid of frizz! But for a more bon ton hairstyle, work the locks with your fingers and nourish them deeply. Your hair will thank you and will look much shinier.

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3. Hair style curly hair

3A. Soft with large diameter

Every woman's dream, sensual and wild, this hair type is perfect with it scrunching, which involves twisting the strands in a microfiber cloth. Buy one on purpose, there is a wide choice on the market, and your look will benefit!

3B. Spiral

Generally, those with this type of hedgehog should define the locks with a special product, but when wet. The use of a hairdryer is also not recommended, better natural air drying

3C. Corkscrew

They are thick and easily subject to frizz. Try washing them with the co-wash, click here to know every detail.

4. Extremely curly hair with:

4A. Mini curls

This hair is also twice as long when wet. Better to use the diffuser for perfect drying and a product nourishing and polishing finish.

4.B Curly zig zag

Due to its shape, the ring takes the technical name of Z-shaped or S-shaped. It suffers a lot from humidity, define the locks with nourishing products that close the scales

4C. Very thick Afro curls

Give up your hair! Spice them up with your fingers and let them free to move wildly. Hydrate them with special products and they will be bright like you!

hair style all tips 4

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Loewe fall / winter 2021-2022

Necessity sharpens ingenuity and those who have it put it into practice: given that the show scheduled for March 4 has been canceled due to the well-known events related to the pandemic, Jonathan Anderson presents his Fall Winter 2021-22 collection for Loewe by printing words and images on the paper of a
64-page newspaper. The editorial product with the images of the collection and the texts that tell it, and also with the original story The Affair by the writer Danielle Steel (a kind of Liala of the current American company), was attached on the release date to various national newspapers: Le Figaro and Le Monde in France (the brand is owned by the French conglomerate LVMH), El Mundo in Spain (the brand is Spanish), The Times in London, The New York Times in
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the report cards of the third evening looks!

Italian song festival 2021 1302

Also there third evening of the Italian Song Festival 2021, the one dedicated to cover, has come to an end.

Many emotions, like the memory of Lucio Dalla and a amarcord, thanks to the author's music that has dominated all the time.

IS the looks How did they go, top or flop?

Let's see some of them, starting with the owner of the "house", or the conductor.

Italian Song Festival 2021: Amadeus

The designer Gai Mattiolo strikes again: a change of clothes, opening the evening with a suit, shirt and classic trousers, making it stand out the jacket: a "Python", red and metallic, all accompanied by bow tie black.

Following, another damask jacket, lamé effect, with a floral pattern and golden – bronze reflections (matching bow tie).

Overall rating, 8


For him, Giorgio Armani proposed a complete, simple, with double-breasted jacket (remains slightly soft on the front), black and striped, always lamé effect.

The inevitable two-tone shoes.

For Fiorello, no change of clothes was planned for this evening but, in any case, a nice look remains … vote 7/8!

Vittoria Ceretti

Young supermodel and third co – host of the Italian Song Festival 2021.

He begins with Valentino Haute Couture, sporting a long black dress with front slit e rouches along the slits and on the sides of the bust, with lacing behind the neck.

In prominence two large pink bows, at the height of the left side and right shoulder.

Festival of the Italian Song 2021Vittoria Ceretti

The beauty look is light and fresh, with slightly pink lips and gathered hair.

We continue with another outfit long, with a linear cut that leaves uncovered shoulders and décolleté, illuminated by a rigid and golden round neck with crystals on the front. The dress focuses on color Champagne, super bright.

The makeup is based on the presence of eyeliner, accompanied by a crop of hair.

The last change of dress involves a long, linear, one-shoulder, black cut with inserts and plays of transparencies as well as light points. On the left shoulder, dominates a "Pom pom", as if it were a blossomed flower. The whole, embellished with a necklace, studded with crystals, with an emerald in the front.

For the beauty look they opt for a more "marked" make-up for the eyes and loose, lacquered hair.

Although there were too many ruffles, knows how to wear them well … vote 8

Italian Song Festival 2021: Valeria Fabrizi

A great actress and super guest, in all her elegance and charm.

Valeria Fabrizi, during her participation

It shows up with a black top, on which one rests transparent butterfly hood decorated with a brooch, on the front, developed vertically e soft pants, at the palace, super shimmering.

A true diva … vote, 10

Italian Song Festival 2021: Achille Lauro and Emma Marrone

His are back performance ( or "paintings" as they have been defined) and, in this case, in a duet with Emma Marrone.

This time, Achille Lauro has outdone himself: a golden statue, from the classical era, with a one-shoulder tunic and laurel wreath.

What can you tell him … 10 and praise!

Festival of the Italian Song 2021Achille Lauro and Emma Marrone during their performance

She too, to resume the concept of the Greek mythology, show off a dress, signed Gucci, with a linear cut and a deep "V" neckline that remains soft at the center of gravity.

It focuses on the golden color with del close-fitting pink tulle.

It is believed that the lower part is not suitable for this type of dress which, as a model, remains graceful … vote 7 ½

Malika Ayane

In Giorgio Armani, Malika wore a long, black, V-necked dress, surmounted by a long cloak consisting of strands of beads and baguettes, tied around the neck.

The focus of makeup is the eyes, with a prevalence of eyeliner and a crop of hair, giving highlight the platinum bangs.

Particular … vote, 8


For an exhibition, dictated by a school context, Madame wore a gray Dior suit (jacket and pants) with a lighter T – shirt and bright cursive lettering.

Given that it is right to make anyone feel comfortable wearing a suit, but only by evaluating the outfit, it is considered too "ordinary" … vote, 5

Italian Song Festival 2021: Francesca Michielin and Fedez

For the evening cover, Fedez reappears in Versace dress with a dark jacket that reveals the super colored shirt, in the same pattern as the trousers.

Festival of the Italian Song 2021The entrance on the stage of the Ariston theater

Francesca Michielin also returns with her "brand – stylist" of these evenings: Miu Miu.

Sport one black pinafore, almost up to the ankle, embellished with crystals with White collar consisting of spikes oversize is pink puff sleeves.

All too exaggerated: particularly whimsical fantasy of Maison Versace, Francesca looks almost like an educator, in addition to the fact that the collar and sleeves are particularly overvote 4 to both.


Accompanied by Michele Bravi, Arisa enters with a long dress, in satin black with a asymmetrical and oversized white shirt.

Festival of the Italian Song 2021The detail of the dress and shirt

The beauty look focuses on nude colors, type lipstick rose de bois and elongated tail of eyeliner on the eyes. The hairstyle, very simple, dictated by loose hair.

Unfortunately, it is not convincing … vote, 4

Ermal Meta

He sported a complete with Dolce & Gabbana composed of double-breasted jacket with red lapels, with white stripes and black borders. The same pattern is also used on the cuffs. A white T – shirt is revealed.

The detail of the lapels of the jacket

To complete the look, staying on the same nuance, they opted for red trousers.

The lower part is considered excessive, as if it had been only the detail of the lapels and cuffs, it would have been more interesting and elegant … vote, 6+

Italian Song Festival 2021: Maneskin

We conclude this roundup with the Maneskin group.

For the evening cover Festival della Canzone Italiana 2021, flanked by Manuel Agnelli, the members of the band presented themselves with a seventeenth-century style shirt and powder pink guepierre over black trousers.

Makeup and manicure focus on dark and black colors.

By evaluating only "the dress" itself, beyond any meaning … vote, 4

See you tomorrow!

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